My 5 Top Take-Aways from Hidden Figures

After seeing Hidden Figures on Christmas Day, I am one of the many fans that have absolutely fallen in love with both the movie and the powerful story behind it.  The experience invoked so many emotions and thoughts that I decided to share the Top 5 items that really stuck with me personally. I look forward to hearing what resonated with you after you finish! :-)

#1 Black Girl Magic is Real

Black Girl Magic


 If there are any doubters still left on whether black girls rock then they can exit stage left. These three ladies literally changed the world in the 60s in the segregated south using their minds, courage, and determination. They and many others have broken down so many barriers, imagine the possibilities for our women and girls today moving forward. It is super important to support the work of organizations like Black Girls Code and others continuing to push for change.

#2 Always be re-inventing yourself

Doroth IBM


 Boy, that girl Dorothy was cold with the Fortran. She literally ran circles around the IBM experts without any formal training. The kicker is that she was already really good at what her current role, but recognized a trend, upleveled her skills, and got ahead of it. She even ended up getting her sought after promotion and putting on many other women in the process. With technology moving at such a rapid pace, we must all be constantly monitoring trends and gaining skills to position ourselves for maximum impact.

#3 Advancement by any means necessary

Mary Engineer


Mary was far from shy and anyone could see that she had no issues deciding on or vocalizing what she wanted. However, the creativity and hunger she showed to go through the trouble of appealing to a judge just to get the chance to take a night class was beyond inspiring. She was clear about what she wanted, locked sights on the requirements, and went for it. We all must take a similar approach in life. Never let the hurdles deter you from pursuing your goal.

#4 Allies Still Matter


Mr. Harrison

One of my favorite scenes is when Mr. Harrison destroyed the ‘colored only’ signs from the bathrooms with his own hands. We can speculate whether he did it out of moral righteousness or if it was solely to allow Katherine to be more productive. However, it shows the impact possible when leaders are motivated to make change. Mr. Harrison had to get a man into space and any obstacle in his way was going to be eliminated, which turned out to be bathroom discrimination in the office. Imagine if we could get present day issues in diversity and inclusion into the “cross hairs” of leaders with this type of power, where it is viewed as mission critical priority.

#5 Embrace your genius



Katherine was put in many trying situations where she could have backed down or doubted herself, but she had the confidence and the competence and was constantly working on her craft. Every time she was put on the spot to perform, she stepped right into it and delivered. We also must grow that type of confidence in our own abilities by putting in the time and effort to hone our skills so we know that we are tight.

Thanks for reading!